Globalsyde Prognoss

Energy demand forecasting software

Prognoss enables short- and long-term gas demand forecasting, based on weather forecasts, to avoid imbalances and optimise supplies.
Globaleris Prognoss

Gas demand forecast

What is Globalsyde Prognoss

Prognoss offers a forecasting model designed for natural gas, always updated with critical information (temperatures, consumptions, etc.), helping to anticipate imbalances that lead to penalties.

Prevention is saving


Modelo de previsión probado

Proven forecasting model

Telemedidos y no telemedidos

Telemetered and non-telemetered data

Actualización diaria

Daily updated forecast

Escenarios de previsión

Forecast scenario management

Integración con balance Pioneer

Integration with Pioneer Balance

Avoid imbalances and optimise your purchase

Forecasting model

Prognoss provides short (7-day) and long-term (up to 16 months) forecast models that are customised for each client and generated automatically.

It also allows temperature and portfolio forecasts to be adjusted to simulate alternative long-term forecast scenarios and incorporates data analysis and comparison capabilities with proprietary or third-party consumption files.


Model developed by experts, extensively tested in different scenarios and energy retailers.
It helps to prevent imbalances, anticipating demand peaks and avoiding costs due to penalties derived from them.
Improves data-driven operational and strategic decision making.
Rapid implementation of the solution, fully operational in just two weeks.

Integrated gas logistics management

Integration with Pioneer

Get the maximum potential by integrating both modules to use the forecast generated by Prognoss as demand information in the balance sheet.

Both products are fully integrated, allowing you to use any of the forecast scenarios stored in the platform in the balance sheet and adapt them over time.

360º Vision

Integrated energy business management

Discover our catalogue of solutions and integrations to complete the 360º management of your business through Globalsyde.

Gestión integral

Energy management and scheduling


Commercial back office

Globalsyde API

Integrations with CRMs, ETRMs, ERPs or customised systems.