Globalsyde Pioneer

Energy planning software for retailers

Pioneer is the solution designed to cover the gas balancing and logistics processes of retailers. Power and reliability for the control of your operations.

Energy management for gas and electricity retailers

What is Globalsyde Pioneer

Pioneer, through a SaaS service, supports the logistics operation in a continuously evolving gas market, allowing operation in different geographies and multi-company balance management.


All processes, one solution

Pioneer supports all the processes associated with natural gas (NG or LNG) logistics in a single, perfectly traceable tool. Operations and contracts, reconciliations, balancing, demand and tankers, managed from a single solution.

Gestión del balance

Balance sheet management

Programaciones y nominaciones

Programming and nominations


Management of sales and purchases

Comunicación TSO

Monitoring of capacity contracts

Costes y garantías

Calculation of costs and guarantees

Reporting regulatorio

Regulatory reporting

Say goodbye to Excel

Parameterisable balance and multi-balance

Pioneer provides a single point of control of the trader’s position, configuring the view of the balance sheet tailored to the needs of each client.

If you work with Excel, with a customised solution or with an application that does not solve your problems, switch to Pioneer’s balance sheet and take control of your operations.


It reduces management complexity, providing agility and efficiency in operations.
Reliable and automatic control of the daily balance, reducing the risk of penalties for imbalances.
Improves the traceability of inputs and outputs. It provides reliable information for the management of the purchase and sale.
The regulations are constantly and automatically updated to ensure compliance with the regulation.

Speed and reliability

Regulatory reporting

Having all the information available on the platform allows you to generate all types of regulatory reports quickly, without having to compile this information from various sources and group it in the requested formats.

We constantly adapt the platform to the latest regulations so that your reports are always up to date.

Save time and money

For growing energy retailers

A single solution to facilitate the daily work of the departments or managers in charge of energy management at gas retailers, in a fast and reliable way.

Solución conectada

Connected solution

Capture and share information with TSO/GTS and other external sources. Integration with internal applications (ETRM, ERP) and other Globalsyde solutions.

Adaptación regulatoria

Regulatory adaptation

Our team of gas market experts keep Globalsyde always in line with current regulations, limiting the impact of regulatory changes.

Configuración multibalance

Multi-balance configuration

Pioneer allows operation in multi-balance scenarios, integrating the configuration for each site and facilitating simple and rapid international expansion.

  • Automatic or manual capture of gas retailers’ portfolio of capacity contracts and purchase operations.

  • Data collection from TSO/GTS files, distribution history and consumption information (daily or intra-daily).

  • Company’s gas balancing in different timeframes. Centralizes the main iterations, allowing to obtain an accurate representation of the company’s position over time.

  • Consolidated and interactive view of the different consumer files -D06, D07, B70, B80, SPLG … – facilitating the reconciliation and detection of irregularities.

  • Generation and automatic sending of the scheduling and nomination files in the different transport network infrastructures. Registration and shipment to MS of purchase operations.

  • End-to-end process visualization thanks to the integration with the demand forecasting solution (Prognoss) and ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management).

360º Vision

Integrated energy business management

Discover our catalogue of solutions and integrations to complete the 360º management of your business through Globalsyde.

Gestión integral

Commercial back office


Demand forecasting

Globalsyde API

Integrations with CRMs, ETRMs, ERPs or customised systems.