Globalsyde Argentia

Gas and electricity back office software

Argentia enables gas and electricity providers to manage the entire customer relationship, from switching to billing and integration with accounting systems.

Commercial back-office management

What is Globalsyde Argentia

Software for designing, calculating and issuing invoices quickly and easily with a solution created by and for energy providers. Argentia assumes the modelling and settlement of all the contractual relationships of the reseller (customers, wholesalers, commercials, etc.).

Flexible, simple and efficient

Invoicing is just the beginning

Argentia is more than an invoicing tool, it is a comprehensive service for the management of your commercial back office. It gathers all your invoices -clients, commercials, distributors and other counterparts- in the same place, obtaining a global vision of your business.



Liquidación com. comerciales

Contract management

Carga CCH

HLC Loading

Fórmulas complejas

Complex formulas

Facturación adelantada

Invoicing in advance

Cálculo de costes

Distribution settlement

Invoice with the best available data

Streamlined and secure invoicing

Argentia allows invoicing at any time with the highest possible reliability using the best available data.

It obtains data from all available sources, selects the best according to the defined priority and allows invoices to be issued at any time.

It also includes the option of creating different customised invoice templates with multi-language capacity and different levels of aggregation and visualisation of concepts.


Automating invoicing reduces manual errors and saves time and costs.
Invoicing with the best available data optimises cash flows and improves financial forecasts.
Immediate modifications and corrections, avoiding the accumulation of re-invoicing for subsequent cycles.
Continuous adaptation to regulatory changes included in the service.

Design customised products

Complex formula editor

Configure from the simplest fixed price to the most complex formulas using pre-configured operands and indexes. Whatever you need, you can create it from the formula editor.

High volume of invoices

For residential and business customers

Whatever the size of your company, if you work with residential customers you need a powerful tool capable of automating the management of a large volume of invoices in a fast and reliable way.

As simple as invoicing

Invoicing and contract settlement can become a monthly drama. Argentia makes the process easy for you, automating the issuing of advance invoices with the best available data.

The peace of mind of having everything under control

Argentia enables the configuration of reports and control and monitoring mechanisms for your commercial backoffice: it simplifies the invoice matching and reconciliation, and facilitates the detection of errors regardless of their origin.

Everything can be a bill

Argentia offers not only the management of invoices to end customers, but also allows you to process and validate any type of invoice with other counterparties, providing a 360º view of your business.

  • Automation of business processes.

  • Fixed prices, period prices, tolls, discounts.

  • Indexed prices: MIBGAS, OMIE, Brent, TTF, pass pool, pass through, etc.

  • Automatic renewal of contracts.

  • Automatic reporting and validation.

We make the complex simple

For industrial customers

If you work with industrial customers, you need a flexible marketing solution, able to create and cover multiple products tailored to their needs.

Adapted to the evolution of your business

Automate your billing cycle with a flexible and easily configurable solution. Streamline the launch of new products and invoice them with a single click.

The art of simplicity

From the simplest to the most complex formulas: fixed price, indexation, banded contracts, tolerances. Argentia provides a formula editor that allows you to automate the calculation of any concept with total flexibility and easily manageable.

One customer, one invoice

The invoice is the main contact with your customers and an opportunity to communicate your news. With our customised templates, configure commercial or informative banners segmented for any moment in the life cycle of your customers.

  • Product modelling and customised pricing.

  • Editing complex formulas.

  • Tolerances, clicks, take or pay, covers, bands, etc.

  • Powerful invoice template configurator.

360º Vision

Integrated energy business management

Discover our catalogue of solutions and integrations to complete the management of your business through Globalsyde.

Gestión integral

Energy management and scheduling


Demand forecasting

Globalsyde API

Fast integration with CRMs, ETRMs, ERPs or customised systems.