Globalsyde Integrations

Full integration with your management systems

Make the most of your application ecosystem, simplifying processes and achieving a holistic view of your energy retail company.

Sharing information, the key to success

One business, one vision

Through predefined connectors and the use of Globalsyde APIs we can interoperate with other internal and external systems to achieve an integrated management of the energy retail business.

In this way we can make more efficient use of resources, reducing redundant activities that do not add value and improving the quality of information throughout the company. Integration also improves auditing processes and regulatory compliance, and facilitates decision making.

Unified management of gas and electricity customers

CRM Connectors

This integration allows you to add billing capabilities to your CRM and have a single view of your customer information, essential for your support and management processes.

Streamline the integration with your CRM system to the maximum through our preconfigured connectors or, if you have a different solution or your own development, you can integrate it through the Globalsyde APIs.


Trading management

ETRM connectors

Integrate your energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution with Globalsyde to manage market operations and regulatory reporting from a centralised point.

Connect logistics management with ETRM operations, automating communications with the TSO and issuing invoices quickly and easily.

Accounting and financial management

ERP Connectors

All the information generated from Globalsyde will be available in your accounting or financial systems to keep your application ecosystem always aligned with the best information.

Automatically integrate SAP or Microsoft Dynamics with our predefined connectors, or develop your custom integration using our APIs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Freedom to integrate

Globalsyde API

If none of the integrations we have shown you solve your problem, use our public API and create your own integrations or ask us to develop the integration you need.

Always work with the best data

Connection to external systems

Globalsyde offers full integration with distributors and carriers to always have the latest information published and updated on the platform and to easily manage the communication processes with the most common distributors.


  • OMIE


  • SCTD

  • Switching

360º vision

Integrated energy business management

Discover our catalogue of solutions and integrations to complete the 360º management of your business through Globalsyde.

Gestión integral

Commercial back office


Energy management and scheduling


Demand forecasting